How To Tell If A Guy Likes You: The #1 Subtle Hint

So, here’s a post that’s a bit lighter than the last few. I’ve had this piece of advice stuck in my head for a while now. It’s dedicated to all of the friends that have sat me down to analyze texts, conversation bits and “subtle queues” from their crushes with the common question: does he like me? Or the other common struggle: why is it always the guys you don’t like who won’t get off your back and the guys you like don’t do anything?

Well, I have the answer, even if you don’t like it. I know this because, the first time I heard it, I didn’t want to listen to it. But I have to say; in all of my experiences so far it has been so SO true.

If you have to decode all of his subtle glances, body language, text back time and word choice to tell if he likes you…he probably doesn’t like you. If you even have to ask yourself “does he like me?”…he probably doesn’t like you. And here’s why:

Men are absolutely incapable of subtlety.



-my best friend’s boyfriend basically told her he loved her on the first date, couldn’t get enough of her, sent her letters every night until he FINALLY asked her to be his girlfriend on the THIRD DATE (I know…such a loooong wait time lol)

-we’ve all known that guy that will not take no for an answer when he wants to take you on a date, like the guy who told me this year that I would have “no excuse to not go on a date with him” once school was out (a little aggressive, I know)

-my brother once bought the girl he “swears he doesn’t like” 2 CHRISTMAS GIFTS because SHE HAD ALREADY GUESSED WHAT THE FIRST ONE WAS!!!


So if you’ve fallen for a guy based on your own “interpretations” of how he’s “sending you signals”, I’ve been there before, to no avail. But know, that a guy who really likes you won’t leave you with those kind of questions because he simply won’t be able to. It will be painfully obvious trust me.

I will repeat myself here: men are incapable of subtletyand I love them for it!


As for the old rule that only the guy should make the first move? Send the first text?

I agree with it. Because a guy who really wants to be with you will do anything he can, even if he is shy or unsure. He’ll probably even do it by accident. So Ladies, do not rob yourself of the opportunity to experience a guy who really wants to pursue you. I’ve seen it, I’ve felt it, and it’s worth the wait.

I know what you want: You want the guy you like, to pursue you the way you want to be pursued, to have the kind of relationship with him that you want where he steps up and treats you like a queen. But you’re going to have to make a choice. If you pursue him, in order to get that exact guy, you might not get that exact relationship because he didn’t pursue you, now you wear the pants in this relationship. Or you can wait for the guy that will step up for you…you choose 😉

So for the friends asking me for my “interpretations” of their man, I hope that this helps…and that you don’t hate me too much!

I hope that one day you are all chased like the wonderful prizes you are,

Much love, the subtle black ink stain on the white carpet floor


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