Confessions of a Life Stress Addict

So, I wanted to share with you guys something significant that happened to me yesterday and what I learned from it. Basically, I made a big decision that will definitely affect the course of the rest of my life.

It wasn’t a decision that came easily. I’ve been debating two options for over 8 months now, asking everyone I know for advice. The advice all pointed in the same direction so I kept seeking out that feedback until I thought I had been convinced. But yesterday, I got this gut feeling that despite everybody’s input, this wasn’t the right answer for me. I wasn’t at peace.

And it was then that I realized something: whenever I’m making a decision and I have to talk about it A LOT, whenever I’m seeking the most input from others, that’s usually when the right answer can only be found in my heart.

The path I’ve chosen to go down isn’t the easiest path. In fact, it’s probably going to be the hardest. However, I have more motivation now than ever before, now that I know how right it is for me. Now that I know how despite the terror and nervousness I feel now that I need to follow through, I felt like flying the moment I finally made the decision. That’s how I know I’m on the right track.

There’s this test I do when I’m not sure about something, whether it’s something small like buying an article of clothing or something big like choosing which job to take. I always picture myself doing both options and see how each would make me feel. If you leave this store without the shirt, do you feel panicked it won’t be there tomorrow? Buy it. And I know in this scenario that if I had made the decision others felt was more logical, I would have always had this feeling of regret on my back.

As for fearing the more difficult path, I’ve overcome so many obstacles in the last year, that challenges no longer intimidate me. Actually, it’s almost like I search out the things people tell me will be impossible, just to prove them wrong and to prove to myself that I have the strength to not give up. I guess you could call me a life challenges adrenaline junkie, like an extreme sports enthusiast for life obstacles. For me, there’s no better high than not giving up and making it through to the other side stronger : )

Yours truly, the whispers in the attic are never wrong


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