Green with Empathy

A new approach to environmentalism: a review of two books that introduce the concept of “plant consciousness” and a short story for children about natural ressource management…


Tomorrow There’ll Be Sun- Musical Theatre & Mental Health Collide

So, there are two coincidences that came together today in the making of this post: Today is May 31st, the last day of Mental Health Awareness month. My brother just sang in his first provincial musical theatre competition after only two years of training, and won against some of the strongest competitors! If you’re wondering […]

Wearing the Pants: A Review of the Play “Une femme a Berlin”

So, a few months ago I watched the most incredibly well done, emotionally traumatizing and mentally devastating play I have ever seen in my life: Une femme a Berlin. Huge props to the entire production team and cast because every scene, word and emotion is still stuck in my brain. I think about this play everyday, […]