5 Things I learned from being overworked

All of the advice you’re not supposed to say but that rings so true when times get tough. Making the most of a difficult year by learning from it 🙂


What if we can’t change the world?

Millennial’s have been given a bad rep. It appears the adults who raised us to “change the world” aren’t enjoying the fruits of their labour. Yet this mantra has activated incredible strength in our generation. Now, what do we do with all of these awesome people and their potential, if it’s not going to be used to change the world?

Summer Playlist of a Picky Introspective Counter-culturalist

If you’ve ever wondered what kind of moody tunes I feed my ears to inspire the array of deep reflections found on this blog, look no further 😉 In this post, I’ll talk about the kind of music that inspires me and share with you my top 5 (a.k.a only 5) artists that I listen to…basically, I’ll give you the key to my personal musical Narnia : )